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Research Reports

Equity Research

Do you think that your company is not being sufficiently followed up by analysts or that the quality of the analyses is inadequate? Do you feel that your stock is not getting the attention it deserves from investors? Would you like an in-depth analysis of the sector in which your company operates? Merodis Equity Research offers you a tailor-made analysis. We draw on our extensive experience of many years valuing and analysing companies, gained during the many transactions carried out by Merodis, but also when we were still active in the banking sector in London, Paris and Brussels and when we interacted with institutional investors worldwide. Merodis offers listed companies a high-quality and independent research product as an alternative to the sometimes mediocre follow-up by brokers/banks. In addition, our business model is MiFID-proof, as the research is sold to those investors who really want to follow your company. Non-listed companies call on us for sector analyses, a deeper insight into the competitive landscape as well as for peer valuation dynamics.

Our first objective for listed companies is to ensure that all interested parties (analysts, investors, bankers, journalists) have access to a regular flow of relevant analyses about your company. In that regard, our product range includes an initiation report of 40 to 60 pages, quarterly updates that examine results, acquisitions, and other important information, and there is also the option of monthly updates in the form of financial dashboards. We strive to provide all stakeholders with the highest quality equity research to increase not only the visibility of your company but also the value and liquidity of your stock.

We set up customised financial dashboards for various Boards of Directors of listed as well as non-listed companies. This allows you to follow the latest trends among your listed industry peers in the areas of valuation, investments, mergers and acquisitions, financial and operational performance and business and profit prospects.

Business model:

  • 100% independent research,
  • Paid in advance,
  • Sold to investors, including through, where the proceeds of the sale are transferred to you up to the amount paid in advance;