Research Reports

Equity Research

Merodis Equity Research offers bespoke equity research backed by our extensive experience in equity markets, in London, Paris and Brussels, having served institutional investors worldwide. We provide high-quality, independent equity research on listed corporates as an alternative to broker/bank research coverage. Our business model is MiFid-proof, with, potentially, a very limited cost to corporates as the product is sold to investors.

The goal is to ensure that all market participants (analysts, investors, bankers, journalists) have access to a regular stream of relevant research on the equity story of our corporate clients. In this respect, our product offering includes a 50-page initiation report, quarterly updates triggered by price-sensitive news flow such as acquisitions, results, etc., as well as regular monthly updates in the form of financial dashboards, all of which are shared with the world’s investment community. We aim at providing the highest quality of equity research to investors and to promote the visibility of listed corporates and, hence, the value and the liquidity of their shares.

For listed and non-listed companies, we also provide financial dashboard services to the Boards of Directors, which allow the latter to track key trends among their listed-sector peers regarding valuation, investments, M&A, financial and operating performance, business and profit guidance.

Business model:

  • 100% independent research,
  • Pre-paid by issuer,
  • Sold to investors, including through, with the proceeds of sale returned to issuers up to the pre-paid amount,
  • Beyond that, proceeds are for Merodis


We offer 3 equity research products with varying service levels:

  • Plan A (Premium),
  • Plan B (Base-line) and
  • Plan C (Entry-level)


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