Seller Representation

Merodis assists private equity groups interested in realizing the value of their investments, or corporations divesting a subsidiary or division, to find the right buyer or merger partner that will maximize return and satisfy other concerns such as providing the best opportunity for the on-going success of the business unit.

We also represent business owners who plan to achieve financial liquidity by the sale of their companies or subsidiaries. Owners face a number of challenges. Experience shows us that each company we represent, presents a unique set of circumstances and opportunities. For those not familiar with the process, the successful sale of a privately held business is a far more difficult process than is often understood.

The representation of a company and its shareholders in the sale of that company is one of the primary focuses of Merodis’ mergers & acquisitions service. The firm brings to its clients the experience gained in successfully closed transactions in a variety of industries. In addition, we can market the client’s business confidentially hence allowing the business to be sold without jeopardizing client, vendor, and employee relationships.

Merodis advises clients in executing that strategy. For each selling client, the goal is to create the most appropriate transaction structure and maximize the client’s return. Merodis will gather and analyze company information, determine strengths and weaknesses, identify industry synergistic advantages, prepare the sale package and develop strategies to maximize the price.

Seller representation services include:

  • Development of the Confidential Memorandum and Blind Profile;
  • Identification of potential buyers among corporate, private equity, and individual buyers;
  • Review and/or prepare non-disclosure agreements;
  • Organization of the due diligence package;
  • In-depth review of the standalone business plan of the activity put for sale;
  • Stimulation of competition between selected candidate buyers;
  • Consultation on due diligence expectations and information flow;
  • Assist the client during the negotiation that takes place to more closely align the price terms and structure to the goals and objectives of the business owner;
  • Review and advice on letter-of-intent and purchasing agreements;
  • Working closely with our client’s attorneys, accountants and other internal and external advisors in all aspects of the transaction;
  • Closing the transaction.