Brussels, Belgium, October 4, 2019

Merodis, an independent corporate finance advisory firm, is pleased to announce that it successfully advised Vésale Pharma with the sale of its antiperspirant business line to Sylphar, a fast-growing Belgian OTC company which has teamed up with Vendis Capital in 2017.

Vésale Pharma’s antiperspirant business consisted of 2 Belgian, market-leading brands, Axitrans® and Axideo®. Both brands have a good positioning in the antiperspirant niche market by offering a unique and therapeutic solution for people affected by hyperhidrosis, meaning the hyperactivity of sweat glands leading the body to produce a quantity of sweat greater than normal. Axitrans® and Axideo® enjoy strong brand recognition in Belgium.

Vésale Pharma is a Belgian innovative pharmaceutical company providing households with a broad range of authentic, natural, safe and efficient cosmetic and microbiotic products. Vésale Pharma’s decisions to divest its antiperspirant business assets was driven by its strategic decision to focus on developing its microbiotic business.

With this acquisition, Sylphar, which acquired Pro Teeth Whitening and Nutravita in September 2018, is pursuing its buy & build strategy with the aim of becoming one of the leading branded and omnichannel European player in the consumer healthcare space.


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