Brussels, Belgium, September 4, 2018

Merodis, an independent corporate finance advisory firm, is pleased to announce that it successfully advised POM NV ( with its latest capital increase.

This successful private placing provides the company with the means to accelerate its growth path in Belgium as well as abroad and to further develop POM’s range of services to be able to fully anticipate the rapidly changing market conditions.

POM is a state-of-the-art invoice payment platform, which adds value to both the biller and the end-user. It offers advanced e-payment technology solutions (QR-code, PayMail and PayButton), which can be deployed in a multichannel environment (across e-mail, mobile, messaging, and paper)

POM optimizes the invoicing process for both sides of the market – billers and end-users. Its e-payment services allow companies – large and small – to both significantly lower their collection costs and speed up receivables, thus impacting their financial health. At the same time their customers are able to enjoy POM’s superior mobile payment experience. Today, POM has negotiated contracts with the largest distribution partners in Belgium and with clients in nearly every sector. Current customer list includes bpost, EDF Luminus, Xerius, Octa+, City of Antwerp, UZA, …

For more information, please contact:

Steven Meuldermans, +32 494 57 36 98
Patrick Michielsen, +32 478 88 58 82