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Vacatures & Stages

Merodis is an independent financial consultancy firm for shareholders, business owners and small to medium-sized companies. We assist our clients from A to Z in the entire process of the sale of their business or of certain business units and help them in doing acquisitions and mergers. We also attract new investors in order to raise funds in the form of debt or equity. In addition, clients come to us for the valuation of their company or the take-over candidate they have in mind. Finally, we write equity analyses on listed companies and provide strategic advice in the broadest sense of the word.

Since our inception in 2008, we have carried out some 60 transactions. We focus on companies with an enterprise value between EUR 5 and 100 million.

Our team consists of 10 people who together share more than 125 years of professional experience in corporate finance and financial markets. We plan to increase our growth in the coming years and therefore we would like to strengthen our team with: