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Company Valuation / Preparing for Sale

Assessing the true value of a potential acquisition or divestment is a difficult task facing a prospective buyer or seller. On the one hand, Merodis is active in the acquisition market daily, and as a result, we are familiar with the usual transaction multiples in many market segments. On the other hand, we always use a systematic approach to determine the value of a company or activity.

Merodis’ partners have analysed and valued hundreds of companies over the past 25 years. The knowledge and experience gained in the process go far beyond what can be learned from books, classes and seminars. Merodis can, therefore, give you a thorough and credible insight into the true value of your company or the company you have in mind. Of course, this also means that we know exactly what potential buyers are looking for in an acquisition and can therefore make specific recommendations to increase the value of your company on the one hand, and are best placed to position your company as the most attractive acquisition candidate possible on the other.