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Debt Financing

Merodis helps small and medium-sized enterprises to raise debt financing outside the traditional route through the banks. The way this is done is by issuing bonds or concluding so-called bilateral loan agreements, either directly with interested institutional parties such as insurers, pension funds, family offices, or funds specialised in private debt/mezzanine. This market of “private placements” is growing rapidly as disintermediation (a process in the financial world whereby parties make less and less use of banks and conduct transactions directly with each other) has been on the rise in Europe since the financial crisis of 2008.

Capital Increase

Extra capital stimulates the growth of your company and creates new opportunities. It can be used for expansion, recapitalisation or shareholder liquidity requirements, leveraged buyouts, acquisitions and debt refinancing. Whatever the purpose of this additional capital, Merodis can help you develop an appropriate financing strategy, determine the optimal transaction structure and find investors so that you can further develop your strategic and financial objectives.