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Merodis is an independent financial consultancy firm for shareholders, business owners and small to medium-sized companies.

In a nutshell:

  • we assist you from A to Z in the sale of your company or certain business units,
  • we assist you in realising acquisitions and mergers;
  • we help you find new investors in the form of debt financing or new equity capital;
  • you can also contact us for a valuation of your company or the acquisition prospective you have in mind;
  • we also provide strategic advice in the broadest sense of the word.

So, if you want to sell or take over a company, a business unit or certain assets, or perhaps you are just looking for additional sources of financing, then Merodis is the right partner for you.

  • Our team has over 125 years of experience in evaluating and valuing businesses, selling companies, attracting investors, telling the real story behind a business and not only negotiating the best conditions for you in terms of price, but also regarding all other conditions in an agreement. All of our partners have worked in the trading rooms of large Belgian and foreign banks for many years, either as an analyst of listed companies or as a trader or sales of equity or fixed income to institutional investors. We have built up a solid track record and reputation by successfully pitching investment files (of listed companies in all sectors) to sophisticated institutional investors in a highly competitive market. We now apply the same tried and tested methodology to private (and listed) companies that we strongly believe deserve comparable professional service.
  • What we do is Corporate Finance – a great catch-all term for assistance with business transfers, mergers, acquisitions and capital operations – and nothing else. We are fully independent and purely Corporate Finance experts. We will thus not sell you tax advice, we will not provide you with any financing ourselves, we will not co-invest in your company and we will not ask you to invest your funds with the private banking department after the sale of your company, as is common practice in the banking world. We only do what we are experts at doing, and we do this side by side with you, with 100% focus on your goal, our common goal. Like you, we are also owner-entrepreneurs of our business.
  • We have done this many times before. Merodis has assisted some 60 transactions in recent years. We focus on companies with an enterprise value between EUR 5 million and EUR 100 million, but were also, for example, the financial advisor to Newtec, which was sold for EUR 250 million to Singapore Telecom.
  • You are important to us. That is precisely why Merodis is very selective in accepting mandates and only does about 10 transactions per year, making each transaction extremely important to us. Your file will thus always be personally supervised by a multi-person transaction team with at least one of the senior partners fully present and active.
  • Finally, Merodis is also part of an international network of independent financial advisors, euroMerger. Thanks to this local anchoring, you can be sure that your file will be seen by the largest possible group of potential buyers/sellers and investors.



In 2014, Merodis joined EuroMerger, a network of acquisition and corporate finance consultancy firms that work together at the European level and target companies with an enterprise value of a maximum of EUR 1 billion. By being part of euroMerger, we can offer our clients unrivalled service with a broad international reach and this through combining the local expertise of the various euroMerger members with easy access to their domestic investors and potential strategic and financial prospective buyers/sellers.

EuroMerger’s 80 expert advisers have already settled more than 500 transactions, spread over 25 countries. These highly qualified professionals have wide experience in different sectors and complement each other perfectly in terms of professional background, ranging from investment banking to accounting and corporate finance. Combining their strengths with local expertise leads to the best result for you.

There are euroMerger members in 14 different European countries. In addition, there are independent partners in New York and Shanghai, so that intercontinental transactions also run smoothly.


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