Brussels, Belgium, January 21, 2013

Merodis proudly announces that it successfully executed the acquisition, on behalf of its client Legendre Conveyors, of key tangible and intangible assets of its main local competitor, ie. Antwerp-based Packing Creative Systems N.V., a leader in engineering, automation and conveying for bottling, canning, handling and packaging lines, previously a subsidiary of Transpak D.O.O. and BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity.

In addition, Merodis assisted Legendre in negotiating an exclusive commercial distribution agreement with Solvania-based logistics company Transpak D.O.O.

Founded in 2006, Belgium-based Legendre Conveyors ( is a fast growing, internationally-oriented company specializing in the development and assembly of conveying systems primarily for the food and beverage industry. Building upon Legendre Conveyors’ excellent reputation in conveying systems, the company is increasingly offering additional engineering and assembly services to enable its customers to achieve a complete automation solution of their ‘dry part’ projects.

Mr. Van Loo, co-founder and Mr. Legendre, co-founder and CEO of Legendre Conveyors said:”The take-over of PCS adds another layer of know how to our automation solutions and empowers our market positioning in Belgium and neighbouring countries. This fact alongside our recently signed exclusive commercial distribution agreement with Transpak should enable Legendre Conveyors to extend its reach into the conveying market segment and beyond. I’dd like to genuinely thank Merodis for its most efficient approach next to their pro-active and professional attitude having led to finalise this transaction in an ambitious timeframe of less then 2 months.”

For more information, please contact:

Dirk Marckx , +32 495 38 17 81
Thierry Hazevoets , +32 495 58 68 98