Brussels, Belgium, December 9, 2011

Merodis, a full service financial consulting firm serving small and medium sized companies or larger companies pursuing similar sized opportunities, acted as the exclusive advisor to the shareholders of Medsys, manufacturer and distributor of electrosurgical and surgical equipment, in the sale to Mr. Olivier Rouvez, founder and CEO of Sibel (Surgical Instruments Belgium SA), the world leader in titanium surgical instruments.

The new owner will reinforce the financial position of Medsys and consolidate the future of the company by implementing synergies between Medsys and its new sister company Sibel. Both companies are set to relocate in brand new common premises in Gembloux, Belgium, next year.

Ruth Beckers who led the transaction for Merodis said: “There was an unusual amount of complexity for a transaction of this limited size, including, among others, debt restructuring, creative solutions for specific patented medical devices, concomitant agreement with third parties, but this deal now paves the way for a new future for Medsys. We, at Merodis, see the successful sale of Medsys as an example of our proud and long term commitment to the different parties involved in this particular deal”.

This transaction follows other achievements in the healthcare sector previously announced, among others, for Cardio3 Biosciences, OTR3, IBA, Chequers Capital, Biocode-Hycel, SCKCEN, BPL and IRE.

For more information, please contact:

Thierry Hazevoets, +32 495 58 68 98
Olivier Rouvez, +32 81 450 459