Brussels, Belgium, March 3, 2016

Merodis, a corporate finance consulting firm, part of the EuroMerger network, is pleased to disclose that it assisted pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) a few months ago for its first round of financing, bringing a group of entrepreneurs into the capital of the company, next to its world-class management team headed by CEO Leon Schumacher and Simon Witts, Head of Sales and Business Development. This capital increase and the subsequent subsidies secured by the company add up to more than EUR 3m, which will allow p≡p to rapidly become a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions which protect the confidentiality and reliability of communications for citizens, for public offices and for enterprises.

The Luxemburg and Zurich-based company wants to change the default of written digital communication from unprotected, unencrypted and unverified to encrypted, anonymized and verified. p≡p is neither a new crypto app nor one more crypto standard, rather it sets a new higher bar for ease of use for existing crypto standards. So p≡p restores security and privacy without requiring user interaction for its basic operation and it works with your existing email and messaging accounts (including SMS TXT). p≡p has been designed for mass deployment in large companies. It is end-to-end and peer-to-peer and no one, including p≡p can intercept or read your communication. p≡p’s core technology is available as open-source and subject to code reviews.

This announcement comes as p≡p is showing its commercial products for the first time at the RSA conference in San Francisco; p≡p for Outlook, p≡p for iOS and p≡p for Android.

For more information, please contact:

Thierry Hazevoets, +32 495 58 68 98