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I want to buy a Company

Our specialty is assisting with the sales process of a company. Of course, this means that we are also extremely well placed to take a seat on the other side of the table and assist you if you wish to acquire other companies.

When Merodis accepts such a buy mandate, the aim is to arrive at an acquisition, based on your objectives and risk profile, that creates value for your company and can be smoothly integrated into it. In the case of a buy mandate, these are the things Merodis does for you:

  • In consultation with you, we determine the objectives of the acquisition, and which criteria it must meet;
  • Map out the target market(s) and identify potential companies;
  • Prepare presentation material about your company in order to contact the potential acquisition targets in an appropriate manner;
  • Review and/or prepare non-disclosure statements and letters of intent;
  • Determine the value of the acquisition candidate, taking into account different synergy scenarios;
  • Plan and supervise the examination of the acquisition target’s books (due diligence);
  • Conduct or supervise the purchase negotiations and advise on the structure of the transaction;