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Capital Increase

Extra capital stimulates the growth of your company and creates new opportunities. It can be used for expansion, recapitalisation or shareholder liquidity requirements, leveraged buyouts, acquisitions and debt refinancing. Whatever the purpose of this additional capital, Merodis can help you develop an appropriate financing strategy, determine the optimal transaction structure and find investors so that you can further develop your strategic and financial objectives.

Thanks to the many years of experience with Merodis, as well as during our previous lives in the trading rooms of major Belgian and foreign banks, raising capital is in the genes of the Merodis partners. Not only do we have in-depth knowledge of the investment landscape in Europe (strategic, financial and institutional investors alike), we also know how an equity story needs to be told, what investors are looking for in a company and what they want to hear. As objective advisors, we can present a wide range of financing options to ensure that your chosen financing is aligned with your specific objectives and strategy.

What we do for you for the increase of capital:

  • Evaluate the various alternatives for raising capital: through debt, equity or a hybrid form;
  • A thorough analysis of your business plan;
  • Prepare a confidential information package and an anonymous profile about your company and the proposed capital round;
  • Identify and contact potential investors;
  • Provide advice regarding and analyse letters of intent, pricing, underwriting criteria, covenants and other conditions;
  • Assist with planning and organising the due diligence/the data room;
  • Review and/or prepare non-disclosure agreements
  • Supervise due diligence interactions and the associated information flow
  • Negotiate the price, terms and structure of the transaction in order to optimally align these with your objectives
  • Work in parallel with your merger and acquisition lawyers, accountants and other advisors on all aspects of the transaction;