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I want to sell my Company

Merodis assists company managers and business owners (these can be individual shareholders or private equity groups) with the sale of their company and with the disposal of subsidiaries or activities that are no longer considered strategic. In addition to maximising the price, the other important aspects of a sale are also kept in mind, such as maintaining employment and the match with the corporate culture of the buying party.

Selling a business is not something you do every day. On the other hand, we do! Entrepreneurs regularly come to us that have tried to market their company themselves for a while, but have come to the conclusion that there are many challenges and obstacles in a sales process, that it is far from an easy task to find several interested parties and to have these also compete against each other, and especially that it is extremely difficult to keep all these proverbial balls in the air at the same time and do all of this within an acceptable time frame. Over the years, Merodis has acquired the knowledge and expertise to have such a sales process proceed in an organised way and to handle the specific circumstances and opportunities that always come with such a sales process.

The customised guidance of a company and its shareholders during the sales process is one of the key concerns of our merger and acquisition services. Every file is different, but thanks to our many years of experience gained in previously successfully concluded transactions in various sectors, we have already come across most situations. Discretion is another key aspect of our services: we guarantee a confidential sales process that does not compromise the relationship with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Working with Merodis means active assistance with the sales process and, if desired, total unburdening. Merodis collects and analyses your business information, determines the strengths and weaknesses, identifies possible synergies, prepares the information package and develops strategies to maximise the price. Our focus is on maximising your objectives in terms of price, transaction structure and the continuity of your business after the transaction.

Specifically, Merodis does the following with a mandate to sell:

  • A thorough analysis of your business plan;
  • Prepare a confidential information package and an anonymous profile about your company;
  • Identify potential strategic, financial (private equity funds) and individual buyers;
  • Review and/or prepare non-disclosure agreements;
  • Assist with planning and organising the due diligence/the data room;
  • Stimulate competition among the selected prospective buyers;
  • Supervise due diligence interactions and the associated information flow;
  • Negotiate the price, terms and structure of the transaction;
  • Provide advice regarding and analysis of letters of intent and purchase agreements;
  • Work in parallel with your merger and acquisition lawyers, accountants and other advisors on all aspects of the transaction;
  • Use our knowledge and expertise to close a successful transaction.